Musket vs Machine gun – Why U.S gun laws are outdated

Why is America using the second amendment as an excuse to have the right to bear arms? When the second amendment was created (1791), muskets were the highest standard of gun. They hold a single shot and take a minute to reload. In 2019, the American public can have semi-automatic attack rifles that hold dozens of rounds.
After a shooting in New Zealand at two Christchurch mosques that killed 50 people, New Zealand’s parliament voted to change gun laws less than a month after the lethal shooting. Their prime minister, Jacinda Adern, spoke about the issue, saying that she “could not fathom how weapons that cause such destruction and a large-scale death could be obtained legally in this country.” In New Zealand, it is now illegal to own a military-style semi-automatic rifle. It took the New Zealand government only 10 days after the attack to implement changes to their gun laws.
Many people in America are fed up with the way America is handling the school shootings because after the attack in NZ 1,165 expressions of interest to migrate there from the U.S. This is only 10 days after the attack and is a massive increase compared to only 674 in the same time before the attack.
Donald Trump keeps blaming the mental health of the people committing the attacks. No-one is going to be in “the right state of mind” if they commit a shooting. However, these people shouldn’t be able to get hold of these guns in the first place.
A writer, journalist and speaker called Erica Buist wrote a tweet saying “Why not just ban guns and when people are upset about it send them thoughts and prayers. If “thoughts and prayers” are good enough for people who’ve lost their families then it’s good enough for people who have lost their guns.”
An interviewee who wished to stay anonymous said that U.S. gun laws are “outdated, stupid and dangerous”.
Another anonymous speaker said that U.S. gun laws are backward. They also said that “The gun laws are wrong because people who are too young, too naïve and too inexperienced are able to use weapons beyond their capabilities.” I spoke to them about the difference between New Zealand and American gun laws and why they thought that America wasn’t following New Zealand’s lead. They said that “the difference is culture and their histories. U.S. gun laws haven’t adapted with weapons.”
I hope that the American government will soon see the error in the gun laws and that the American people do too; the sooner this happens the faster America will become a safer place to live in. By Min Stride




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