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Our BBC Young Reporter club were lucky enough to interview a Journalist, Megan Ford from the Nursing Times. "Pupils planned and asked questions about the ins and outs of Journalism and the best way to get into the profession. It was a really great insight for the pupils and they were excellent!" Mr Hickman

People throw soup at the Mona Lisa

In a surprising incident at the Louvre Museum, protestors associated with an unidentified activist group managed to breach security and throw soup at the iconic Mona Lisa, defacing the centuries-old masterpiece. The painting was behind protective glass, minimizing the damage to the artwork. Museum security promptly detained the vandals, and authorities are investigating the motives behind the soup-throwing incident. The unexpected act has triggered dismay and shock within the art community and the public, with social media platforms buzzing with reactions. The museum is anticipated to release updates as the investigation unfolds. Investigators are starting to realise that the reason why they did it is to try and give people help to healthy and sustainable food.

Bob says: “This has been such a shocking incident and shows what levels people go to express their feelings about the current situations of the earth.”

As of now, the motivations behind the act of throwing soup at the Mona Lisa remain unclear. The perpetrators have not issued any statements explaining their actions, leaving authorities and the public to speculate on the reasons behind this weird act of vandalism. I therefore think this is a very shocking incident.

By Isaac



Lewis Hamilton New Contract

7-time Formula 1 world Champion Lewis Hamilton has decided to defy his two-year contract with Mercadies and join Ferrari in the 2025 season.

With the champion’s sudden change of heart to move to the Italian constructer he will be the 12th British driver to race for the team.

This sudden change may surprise many fans of the team, but it is not out of character for the driver seeing his move from McLaren to Mercadies made little sense seeing that he had just won a world title and that McLaren were winning most races by the 2012 season when Mercadies was not. Over time he built up the team to become one of the most successful teams in recent memory, not to mention his six world titles with the club.

He has also said that driving for Ferrari will fulfil a “child-hood dream” of his. In an interview, F1 enthusiast Mr. Hickman said: “Ferrari Will be unstoppable now!”

Hamilton’s Seven world titles, driving for Ferrari at what we can assume is the end of his career has earned him the nickname “Lew-macher”!

This move by Hamilton could make Ferrari title contenders for the 2025 season. Without looking too far into the driver’s future the upcoming 2024 season (starting on March 2) will be his farewell season for driving with the silver arrows-is another world title instore for 2024?

Overall fans have been shocked by the decision, but they are all excited for 2025 and onwards.

By Archie



Eurovision Updates!  
Your hot spot for everything Eurovision!  5/2/24

Eurovision 2024 will be held on the 11 of May in Malmö Sweden, following Loreen’s win in Liverpool, 2023. Most relevant news will be released closer to the time, but here is everything we have for now:

  • The contest will be held on the 7 and 9 of May for the semi-finals, and the 11 of May for the final.
  • The contest will be held in Malmö Arena, Malmö.
  • 35 countries have been confirmed to be in the contest, with Luxembourg being among them, returning after 30 years.
  • Only 17 countries have confirmed acts as of now, these being Albania, Ukraine Spain, Norway, Malta, Czechia, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Netherlands and the UK! The first 6 have their songs out!
  • The slogan for this year, and all future years is ‘United by Music’.
  • The stage design has been released for the upcoming contest.
  • The hosts have been announced! They are Petra Mede and Malin Åkerman.

The way Eurovision works, for anyone wanting to get into it, is a series of semi-finals, and one grand finale. There are 2 semi-finals, which are going to be on the 7 and 9 of May. All countries besides the Big 5 (Explained later) and the host countries, participate in these semi’s, half in one and half in the other. The final then consists of the winning countries from both semi’s (Usually 10 qualify from each) as well as the Big 5 and the host country. The Big 5 are the countries who pay the most to upkeep the contest are the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The host country, who also qualifies automatically, is Sweeden this year.

Before the contest, there are two main ways a country can pick an artist and song for Eurovision. The first way is through an internal selection, which is done in secret and scouts out upcoming music artists. The other way that songs can be selected is in national selections, which include the public voting for their favourite of a small batch of songs to send to Eurovision. These range of scale, from the smaller contests of just a few songs, to the larger celebrations such as the Melodifestivalen, which is the Swedish contest for their entrant which contains 28 different songs which get brought down by 5 Heats and 1 final. The UK used to have a national selection, but this was changed after 2019 with James Newman.

The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has decided that from now on, all slogans for Eurovision contests will be ‘United by Music’, the same one used in the 2022 contest held in Liverpool, UK. In past contests, since 2002, different slogans were used to refer to the contest, chosen by the host country. In 2002, this was ‘A Modern Fairytale’, but others include ‘Dare to Dream’ in 2019, ‘We are one’ in 2013, as well as more, only missing 2009. These all represented the contest for the year, so instead, a visual artwork has been released, based on the northern lights and sound equalisers.

ABBA won 50 years ago in the Eurovision Song Contest for their home country Sweeden, and with Sweeden hosting again for this anniversary, fans were hoping for a reunion on the stage. However, 2 of the 4 members have confirmed that they are not reuniting, this being Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, who have also confirmed that they will not be composing the entry either.

By Alice


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