Our BBC Young Reporter club were lucky enough to interview a Journalist, Megan Ford from the Nursing Times, this week. Pupils planned and asked questions about the ins and outs of Journalism and the best way to get into the profession. It was a really great insight for the pupils and they were excellent! Mr Hickman

The Oscars

The biggest TV award ceremony is back for 2023. Many famous actors and actresses from all over the world come together again to celebrate each other's achievements. Some winners included…
Best Sound: Top Gun Maverick

Best visual effects: Avatar: The Way of the Water

Best Supporting actress: Jamie Lee Curtis

Best Actor: Brendan Fraser

To everyone’s surprise and shock, Top Gun’s Tom Cruise wasn’t around for the red carpet. “Top Gun: Maverick”. Interviewers were searching for Cruise throughout the time of the red carpet and there was no sign of him. Another surprise to viewers watching the ceremony is for the first time since 1961, the Oscars “red” carpet was “champagne” coloured. There was no debate over this creative change says consultant Lisa Love.

Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian actress to win “Best Actress” at the Oscars. She won for her role in “Everything All at Once”. Viewers were delighted to hear this news and she received many congratulations through social media.

Overall, this year's Oscars were very entertaining and interesting, with many surprises.

By Dulcie

Devastating earthquake decimates Turkey and Syria.   

At least 41,000 confirmed dead at time of writing.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake started off the day on the 6 Feb, with a 7.5 magnitude only a few hours later. Both earthquakes caused devastating damage to the south of turkey and north of Syria, with at least 41,000 recorded dead and many more still missing. This is the worst earthquake this region has had for over 200 years, and there were no warning signs, and as it happened at night most were asleep in their beds.

The earthquake could be felt by millions in countries nearby, such as Lebanon, Cyprus, and Israel, but only the confirmed deaths are from Turkey and Syria.

The tremors first started at 4:17 local time, causing many to not be able to evacuate. Some citizens reported being shaken from sleep and crushed by debris. Smokey buildings and vast amounts of destruction can be seen all over social media with many still being pulled out of the wreckage even now, 14 days after the tremors.

Many are also reporting loved ones and neighbours trapped in buildings and under rubble, no chances of escaping and clutching to life. As a resident said, “We saw a person reach out through a small gap. The building collapsed on our friend who tried to save them.” Hundreds of people are helping to haul families out of the rubble and carry them over to ambulances. Mostly, bodies are being hauled out now as its over 200 hours since the earthquakes, so the death toll will mostly likely keep rising.

Fires are broking out as an aftermath, due to reported gas pipelines leaking and exploding not even 200km from the centre of the earthquake, these area is mostly residential.

Many funds have been set up by the UN and other aid groups, raising millions for Turkey and Syria to help with funding search parties and restoration.

By Alice


Students went out interviewing around the College




Eurovision Song Contest 2023

All information needed to get ready for the contest!

Eurovision is a European song contest in which many countries in Europe (As well as Australia) participate in. The contest is held throughout one week, consisting of 2 semi-finals and then a final. This all happens between Tue 9 May - Saturday 13 May. This year there is 37 countries participating. In the first semi-final there will be 15 countries, 16 in the second semi-final with the remaining 6 having a ticket straight through (5 that have put the most funding in, named ‘The Big 5’ and the host country)

The contest this year is being held in the Liverpool Arena; England due to Ukraine’s win last year. Hosts presenting featured are Alesha Dixon, Hannah Waddingham and Julia Sanina as well as the voiceover by Graham Norton, Rylan, Scott Mills, Mel Giedroyc and Timur Miroshnychenko.

Tickets for the contest went on sale on Tuesday 7 March, tickets for the contest live sold out in 30 minutes! The surrounding hotels were all being fully booked as soon as the venue was announced and even before that…

The first semi-final running order is:...

Serbia, Latvia, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Croatia, Malta
Sweden, Moldova, Switzerland, Israel, Netherlands, Finland, Azerbaijan, Czechia


The second semi-final running order is:

Armenia, Cyprus, Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Iceland, Greece, Estonia
Albania, Australia, Austria, Lithuania, San Marino, Slovenia, Georgia, Poland

There are all the artists confirmed for the contest, as well as their songs, though some countries haven’t finished music videos. All entries will be finished by 30 March with promotion already underway.

The bookmakers’ (A compilation of various betting websites) favourites to win is Sweden, who is represented by Loreen, the winner from 2012. Finland is in second, Ukraine third, though the betting odds should be taken with a grain of salt as they are usually somewhat incorrect but can serve as vague outlines for the contest.

By Alice

Prince Harry and Megan

  • The couple talk about life in the Royal Family, press intrusion and racism.
  • Harry struggled after mums’ deaths- wasn’t helped through grief.
  • News changing stories about Harry’s childhood- twisting and assuming the meaning.
  • Royal family racist during Megan’s pregnancy- asking what colour of babies skin???

Is Harry misunderstood???

The Duke of Sussex has said racism from the tabloid press that filtered into the rest of society was a ‘large part’ of why he and his wife left the UK.

He said that ‘sadly’ no-one in the family had said they were sorry that the couple felt they had to move away from royal life because they did not feel supported.

Harry struggled from his mum’s death, every child who loses a parent at a younger age finds it hard for them, a major person in your life is gone, but many are helped through their grief. In Harrys new book ‘spare’ it implies that this was not the case. Refusing to believe she was gone, thinking she would show up one day.

Life as a royal must be hard. He was a child. Trying to have a childhood. He grew up with the world watching every action, every event big or small, photos taken no matter how personal, newspaper headlines about his life. No room for mistakes, everyone will find out, no secrets kept.

Later in life, after marring Megan, Harry still had it tough. On the BBC news it says, ‘Meghan and Prince Harry said a royal had expressed concern over "how dark" their son Archie's skin might be.’ In recent years Megan has had a lot of negativity, whereas near the beginning, everyone loved the couple. Slowly that began to change. Newspapers and reporters intruding their personal life to spread across the country, or the world. People began to blame Megan for her and Harry leaving the royal family and moving to America.

We spoke to one student and she agreed, Harry had a rough childhood and was misunderstood, whereas she feel that it isn’t for him to started releasing books about his childhood.

We spoke to another student, and she believes he regrets leaving the royal family,  that he has no money, so wrote his books to regain his wealth, and fame.

By C & L


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