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Our BBC Young Reporter club were lucky enough to interview a Journalist, Megan Ford from the Nursing Times. "Pupils planned and asked questions about the ins and outs of Journalism and the best way to get into the profession. It was a really great insight for the pupils and they were excellent!" Mr Hickman

Up and coming new games

Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming free to play action RPG developed and published by HOYOVERSE. It’s being released on the 4th of July and will be on IOS, Android, PC and PlayStation 5. It’s set in an urban fantasy where you play as Belle or her brother Wise. When the player starts the game, they will choose between Belle and Wise and the other will become an assistant. These two both work as a Proxy which is a job in the game’s world associated with helping people/factions to gain rewards or find loved ones throughout the hollows (Black holes).

Once Human

Once human is a multiplayer PC survival game that puts you/the player right in the middle of a world on the brink of collapse with friends turned to monstrous foe. This game is being released on the 9th of July and has been developed by Starry Studio and is being published by NetEase. You can play the story with 3 other friends and can complete various side quests.

Assassins Creed Shadows

Assassins Creed Shadows is an upcoming role play and action game developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. It’s scheduled to be released in November 15th this year. You play the role as an assassin on your PC, PS5, Xbox and Mac on Apple store. The game is the 14th major installment in the Assassins Creed series, the previous game was 2023s Assassins Creed Mirage. The game is set in 16th century Japan and will follow the struggles of the Assassin Brotherhood who continuously fight for peace.

By Bea and Nathan


Euro 2024 Week 3

  • Austria 3-2 Netherlands
  • France 1-1 Poland
  • England 0-0 Slovenia
  • Denmark 0-0 Serbia
  • Slovakia 1-1 Romania
  • Ukraine 0-0 Belgium
  • Türkiye 2-1 Czechia
  • Georgia shock win 2-0 Portugal

Round of 16

Switzerland defeat previous Euro winners Italy 2-0

Germany 2-0 Denmark

England 2-1 Slovakia – Bellingham Scored a bicycle kick to equalise in the last minute of injury time, and Kane scores a header to win it! It was a throw in from Walker and everyone was in the box, Guehi headers it backwards into the box and with 30 seconds left, Bellingham risks it and goes for the bicycle kick, and as if it were scripted, he scored it! Extra time rolled in and 52 seconds in and toney was fouled in the same spot England had their goal. Palmer took the shot from the freekick with everyone in the box, it’s punched away by the keeper, Eze had a shot, but it bounced off the floor to set up a header for Toney, luckily his shot was wide of goal as it set Kane up for an open net! And he headers it to the back of the net to score the winner!

Spain 4-1 Georgia


By Harry




Joost Klein for ESC 2025?

The internet has received more news on the Netherlands’ Joost Klein. Suspicions have sparked over his performance at pinkpop this year. He said to the audience “Why not 2025?” Fans assumed he was talking about the festival he was at but just days later he updated his Instagram bio to “Eurovision 2025” and changed his broadcast channel to the same. He is now supposedly to be representing Belgium. Fans went over this and now are doing everything they can to persuade the EBU to allow him back. Following this, Joost has released two songs on the same day which he claims to use if he does go back to Eurovision. The songs are “The Bird Song” and “Fußball.” Allegedly, the bird song was submitted this year to go into the contest but as we know, Europapa was selected instead. On a similar subject, The EBU is releasing a full report next week on the issues which arose in Malmo. It is allegedly called “Shame of Malmo.” It is going to cover incidents which happened with Eden Golan and Joost and the whole thing which got him unrightfully disqualified. In conclusion, Joost supporters have a lot to look forward to this coming year.

By Dulcie



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