Our BBC Young Reporter club were lucky enough to interview a Journalist, Megan Ford from the Nursing Times, this week. Pupils planned and asked questions about the ins and outs of Journalism and the best way to get into the profession. It was a really great insight for the pupils and they were excellent! Mr Hickman

England Vs France

On Sunday the 4th of December England played a World cup match against Senegal. England came away with an outstanding win as they beat Senegal 3-0. Fans were delighted about this game as England were going to play against France. Many fans were delighted by this, but some are filled with dismay as, on paper, France should win. We all wanted England to win (well except if your French) but looking at the statistics we feel a rush of hope for our team. France beat Croatia 4-2 and Croatia are a quit e good team, currently defending well against Japan. 

England fans were horrified about the score. 2-1 to France. But did we really lose fairly? Pupil and football fan Jaiden says “That referee was so bias, and I feel really bad for England" Jaiden makes a good point and Jaiden’s fellow pupil and member of the BBC News club agrees with the statement. I – and other budding football fans do not know what would happen if the rumours were true and France get eliminated from the competition. 

But as England fans were packing up their football boots and removing their football banners, we still did better than some countries. As a high achieving country, we are unimpressed about this result, but a smaller, poorer country deserve to win as their football team really need the money to let their team strive to the best of their abilities. 
So, we are quite lucky with our results.
By Daniella

The Qatar World Cup

In this news I will be giving updates about England in the world cup as it is my home country, England's first world cup match was be held on the 21st November against Iran and popular belief is that England has an 83% chance of winning and Iran has a 4% chance of winning and 13% chance of drawing, After the match I gave an update on the match…
Interview questions.
“How many people are cheering for who?”
England: 9
“I personally hope we win as the last time England won was in 1966.”
“Yesterday was Quatar vs Ecuador and Ecuador won 2-0”
“Today two minutes ago, England played Iran and we have won 6-2”
“Who scored the best goal?”
Grealish: IIII
Sterling: I
Bellingham: I
Rashford: I
“A few days ago, USA vs England took place,
England fans became outraged with USA fans after the match because the USA fans started chanting “Soccer’s coming home” and “It's called soccer”
Yesterday on the 4th December, England vs Senegal took place, England took the victory to 3-0, the Senegal fans are very passionate, but the emotions couldn’t help the team.
It’s a very sad time for football fans, as the following teams have lost:
Netherland lost to Argentina.
Brazil lost to Croatia.
Portugal lost to Morocco.
And finally, England team had lost to France.
England fans seem to be getting mad at the ref as he missed a lot of clear fouls on England, 
Players like Harry Maguire, commented on the refs actions as “really poor” Meanwhile, Jude Bellingham Commented it as “Not great”.

By Harry 

Students went out interviewing around the College




 Prince Charles takes rule over England

After the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II,  Prince Charles takes rule over England. The coronation will take place in 2023 in Spring. While King Charles reigns over England, Camilla has become the Queen Consort of England. As Queen Consort of England her job will be to accompanying the monarch to official engagements, and her new title will be “Her Royal Highness”, which is a big title step up from princess.

While king Charles III lives in Buckingham palace his two Jack Russell Terrier rescue dogs will also be calling it home, these two lucky dogs are called Beth and Bluebell.

King Charles is the longest ever serving heir in history and the oldest person to accept the throne.  He is 73 and reining over the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms. Because of this many people will most likely live to of see 3 monarchs in their life. If Charles was to abdicate prince William would take the throne. 

While he hasn’t rained long, people are already judging him. Change is hard. A lot of people have their opinions and think back to Diana. While being married to Diana it is said he was cheating with Camilla. He had been seeing Camilla long before he married Diana. He married Diana, then 20, Prince Charles being 32, it is said he had been denied marrying Camilla as she was a divorcee.

So now what do you think of our king?

By Nora


Universal phone chargers on the way

By autumn 2024 the European Union has agreed to use a USB Type-C chargers to be used by all mobile phones and later to all devices. These are slightly larger, and hollower than the original ones. Companies like Apple, whose iPhones use an Apple-made charger, will not be able to sell new devices in the EU after the date unless they use a universal cable.

These are already in use on many items and phones, except for the iPhones, the changes will only affect new equipment supplied after the Winter date. Several suppliers will have to make significant changes to their production to enable the use of the agreed cables. The change will make a huge difference to consumers who will not have to buy a variety of cables in order to charge their item, some companies have already started to supply items without a charger cable.

It is hoped that the change will bring the cost down for some consumers and perhaps most importantly it will do away with the problem of redundancy. That also means less waste and less draw space, with many of us have a variety of cables to keep items charged or connected. Apple may have the biggest change to make.

By Isaac


“There’s no Hogwarts without you Hagrid...” 

Robbie Coltrane, actor in many movies such as Harry Potter (as Rubeus Hagrid) and James Bond (as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky) sadly passed away recently on the 14 October. Robbie Coltrane’s British Agent, Belinda Wright, announced his death at a hospital near Falkirk in Scotland, at the age of 72. Ms Wright said that Mr Coltrane's family had not shown a cause, but that he had been “unwell for some time.”.  This time reminded Harry Potter fans of a heart touching quote said by Daniel Radcliffe, “There’s no Hogwarts without you Hagrid...”, this warmed our hearts when we heard this quote once again. 

“I'll never know anyone remotely like Robbie again. He was an incredible talent, a complete one off, and I was beyond fortunate to know him, work with him and laugh my head off with him.” Says J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, on twitter. 

Before Robbie died, Mr. Coltrane quoted “I’ll not be here sadly... but Hagrid will...”. 

I have interviewed Daniella from Midhurst Rother College, asking her about him. She says: 

“I think it was very sad. He was just a very good character and actor in many movies.” 

I have also interviewed Isaac, he says: 

“To hear of his death was a tragedy to the world. It broke my heart to see all these people honour his death.” 

Robbie Coltrane, you will always be remembered by everyone in this world. Rest in peace. 

By Jaiden


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