Sport Relief Cycle

Students and Staff from Midhurst Rother College cycle 854 miles last week, the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats, to raise money for Sport Relief. Students spent their PE lessons throughout the week on exersise bikes with staff joining them throughout the day on Friday for a final push to reach their goal, while a cake sale also helped them towads their fundraising target.

Labour outrage on private schools

Labour has announced that as a new policy, they wish to shut down all private schools if they came to power. A new survey, however, says that 56% of Labour believes that people should be allowed to send their children to private schools if they want to. With private schools becoming more popular, Fiona Bolton, chairman of the HMC, believes it will lose them votes. Jeremy Corbyn, despite wishing to shut private schools, was privately educated, going to Castle House Preparatory school, and Adams grammar school.
Labours plan would mean that private schools were taken over, and turned into state schools. When interviewed people said that it is a bad idea, and that “he is a hypocrite”. A less extreme view was that he must have disliked his own private school education.

This would mean that taxes would go up, which would be a very unpopular move.

By Jonathan

Great Barrier Reef - How it is deteriorating

What is Happening to the
Great Barrier Reef?

Severe regional bleaching used to hit a given reef about every 27 years.

Since the 1980s, the pace has accelerated­ to every six. Even in the best conditions, badly damaged reefs take at least 10 years to rebound. The Great Barrier Reef, struck two years in a row, may never fully recover.

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Great Barrier Reef - moving forward...



A robotic company whose robots have amassed millions of views on YouTube, is renting out one of most dangerous creatures, Spot...

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Marmite Boris 

Why is Boris Marmite?

Many places are divided on whether Boris Johnson is a good person or not.

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Why veganism?

  • Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.   

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Article 13 and 11 are new copyright laws that have recently been passed by the EU and all the internet users are not happy especially European memers are not happy.

Article 11 makes things big on copyright like YouTube un clickable...

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Women’s sport 1,000,000,000 views less than men’s: is this people being sexist?  

In some sports woman are more popular than men but only in 3-4 such as netball, tennis, gymnastics and softball. Some people would think this is outrageous and men should be allowed to do these sports as well professionally. Some sports have aloud men to play professionally like gymnastics and of cause tennis. Some schools won’t even teach netball to boys.

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