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Specialist A-level Subjects

Specialist subjects provide suitable preparation for entry to a whole range of university courses, apprenticeship programmes or training.

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Facilitating A Levels
Vocational Level 3 Subjects

  • Computer Science

    Computer Science

    The overall aim of the Computer Science course is to encourage candidates to develop an understanding of the principles of problem solving, using computers to apply this understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems. Candidates develop an understanding of systems analysis and design, development methods, testing, implementation, and documentation.

  • Design and Technology: Product Design

    Design and Technology: Product Design

    Anyone who has enjoyed learning how to design and make products in their GCSE will appreciate the opportunity to explore the subject in much greater depth on this course. In the new A level, there is a greater emphasis on applying mathematics and science to improving designs and in testing and evaluating prototypes prior to producing a final product

  • Economics


    5 reasons to study Economics at Midhurst Rother College 1. Informs decisions – Economists provide information and forecasting to inform decisions within companies and governments. 2. Influences everything – Economic issues influence our daily lives. This includes issues such as tax and inflation, interest rates and wealth, inequality and emerging markets, and energy and the environment. 3. Impacts industries – Firms of all sizes and industries rely on economics, whether that is for product research and development, pricing strategies or how to advertise. 4. Inspires business success – Understanding how consumers behave is vital for a business to succeed. 5. International perspective – Economics affects the world we live in. For international corporations, understanding the world economy is key to driving success.

  • Fine Art

    Fine Art

    Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of fine art media, processes and techniques. They will gain an awareness of both traditional and new media, exploring the use of drawing for different purposes, using a variety of methods and media on a variety of scales.

  • Law


    Students who take Law acquire skills in critical thinking, written and verbal communication and societal understanding. Law A Level is a highly regarded course, so it opens many doors. Law A Level is useful for those wishing to study Criminology at university, students who may wish to work in a business (or set up their own), who are interested in joining the Police force, or any student who is looking to evidence their logical, analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • Music


    A-level Music is an academic subject which develops your understanding and knowledge to allow you to communicate through music as a performer and composer. You will develop your skills as a performer as well as increase your knowledge of compositional techniques...

  • Philosophy


    Do you have an enquiring mind? Do you sometimes find yourself asking questions about life and the world that there is no simple answer to? Maybe there are answers. This course is like nothing you have ever studied before. It is nothing like your GCSE in Religious Studies. In this course we are concerned with looking at why and how the universe came into existence. We investigate the concept of good and evil and why bad things might happen.

  • Photography


    You will be introduced to a variety of traditional darkroom techniques which will help you explore photography as a medium for producing artistic imagery. You will learn how to use the camera properly, measure light and control exposure. You will also learn about composition and various photographic techniques such as developing and printing your own photos, using experimental methods as well as basic and advanced Photoshop skills.

  • Physical Education

    Physical Education

    A Level PE is an excellent course that provides students with knowledge of all the body systems, psychological factors and contemporary issues in sport today. It is a perfect course for anyone wishing to go on to have a career in the sporting sector.

  • Politics


    Do you have an interest in contemporary politics? Do you want to learn about the forces which contributed to the recent UK election results? Do you want to understand how international challenges, from terrorism to environmental degradation, are being address by global political activity? If so, Politics is the course for you. Politics provides an opportunity to develop understanding of the local, national, and global dimensions of political activity. Politics looks at the working of the political system in the UK and investigates the underlying structures of government, the ideologies that underpin it, and the interaction of people within the political process. The emphasis is on contemporary politics, so information is constantly being updated and views changed.

  • Psychology


    Psychology offers an opportunity to develop the critical skills of analysis and interpretation, and appreciation of the contribution of Psychology to social and individual issues. The aim of the course is to allow students to open their minds and produce questions and answers, about themselves and others that most may never think of.

  • Sociology


    Why is there crime, education and the mass media? What do they serve to do? Why are they here? Why do we live the way we live? This course has been designed so that candidates will acquire the essential knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methods, together with a range of skills. This course lays an appropriate foundation for further study in Sociology and related subjects in higher education.

  • Textiles


    This creative and thought-provoking qualification gives students the practical skills and a greater understanding of developing textiles processes to be able to create pieces that reflect their own individual ideas and thought processes. Through their investigations, students will build on their research, design, development and making skills through a variety of different media to develop highly skilled outcomes.

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