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Our BBC Young Reporter club were lucky enough to interview a Journalist, Megan Ford from the Nursing Times. "Pupils planned and asked questions about the ins and outs of Journalism and the best way to get into the profession. It was a really great insight for the pupils and they were excellent!" Mr Hickman

Neo Northen Lights visible through out West Sussex

On Friday 10 May, citizens of West Sussex could view the precious Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Thousands of people stayed up after midnight to watch the fluorescent sky, which is only normally visible from the arctic. My own personal experience of this was ‘oooh beautiful’, another pupil at MRC described them as ‘interesting though I could only see them with a camera.

By Harry


The Champions League Final

Real Madrid 2 – 0 Borussia Dortmund

Saturday 1 of June, the Champions League Final was held.

It was an amazing performance from both teams, sweat, tears and more tears were created by the players and fans all game, with Dortmund dominating the first half with chance after chance yet no succession in claiming a goal.

This game meant a lot to both sides with it being Marco Reus having his last game for Dortmund, and Toni Kroos retiring from football after being a Legend for Real Madrid.

Not only that but super star youngster Jude Bellingham who plays for Real Madrid was facing his previous club Dortmund.

Everything kicked off in the second half with the score still being 0-0. Kobel the Dortmund keeper saved two wonder free kicks by Toni Kroos; the shots seemed unsavable, yet Kobel saved the day.

But eventually the opening goal was scored by non-other than Dani Carvajal by a header that was crossed in on a corner by Toni Kroos.

The second goal to finish them off was by Vinicius Junior and just like that Real Madrid claimed their 15th Champions League title. Heartbreak for Dortmund fans and players especially Marco Reus, not the best way to go out. But the best way to go out for Toni Kroos, assisting the opening goals and nearly scoring two crazy freekicks. It was the perfect first season for Jude Bellingham, becoming the most expensive player in the world and winning the Champions League after having a wonder season.

By Harry

Eurovision (aka the biggest mess of 2024)

Eurovision. The biggest and oldest song contest in Europe has made another appearance. You would expect it to be like any other year, right? Wrong. This year has been the biggest muck up pretty much ever.

First, a fan-favourite was disqualified after an incident with team members backstage after the second semi-final. The Netherlands’ Joost Klein was axed from the competition just a few hours before it was supposed to begin. A complaint was made by a member of staff saying he was being violent and making aggressive gestures towards a camera man which later turned out to be less intense than it appeared.

There was some tension between Klein and the Israeli participant Eden Golan. Allegedly, Golan had asked to take a photo with him, and he had repeatedly declined. Golan proceeded to follow Klein back through to the greenroom straight after his performance. This sparked conflict between the two.

After the news of his disqualification, the social media went crazy. The new hashtag “Justice for Joost” has gained over 300,000 people using it in captions and comments. Most people including AVROTOS (The Dutch Television company) believe the disqualification was extremely “heavy and disproportionate.” Many believe that this was ridiculous due to other problems being reported by 4-6 other participants and then the issues were not dealt with immediately.

In conclusion, this year was a hot mess. The fans and I hope next year can make up for it.

By Dulcie


The Dark story of Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie had suffered the tragic loss of his brother dying in a freak accident by drowning in a lake. He was traumatized and to cope, drafted a story about a boy who never grew up. He claimed that his dead brother will never grow and was a perpetual child. 

Peter Pan never grew up. To some people when their children read Peter Pan, they say no because they do not want them to be exposed to something they are not ready for. On the other hand, some parents would be fine with their children reading this because in their eyes there is nothing wrong with this book. Peter Pan longed for Wendy's company but realized she would eventually grow old. The sentiment of solitude would prompt him to murder pirates and Lost Boys as they started to age. Peter Pan is dead and acts as the “grim reaper” helping dead children’s souls to find the afterlife. They stay for a while in “Neverland” before they go on to their final reward. Another one: Peter Pan is a demon, and the “lost boys” are eventually murdered by him when they start to mature. This is a very juxtaposing idea and quite frankly can been seen as sick and twisted.

By Ava-Rose


Switzerland Wins the most controversial contest in Eurovision History!

Eurovision 2024 – Malmö

Switzerland has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2024! The contestant Nemo (They/Them) won with their song ‘The Code’, with a total of 591 points, 365 from the jury and 226 from the public. This year has been one of the most controversial years in the history of Eurovision, with the disqualification of Joost Klein, the Netherlands entrant, and the participation and support of the Israel entry, despite the protests and petitions.

Nemo represented Switzerland this year with their song ‘The Code’ which speaks of their non-binary identity and how they are “somewhere between the 0s and 1s” meaning between the binary. Nemo is the first non-binary winner in the history of Eurovision, opening a new avenue of diversity in the contest. Nemo has expressed desires to speak with the Swiss President to raise ideas of including other genders in policies and making other identities recognised in Switzerland.

This year, the controversy first started when all the contestants were announced, and Israel was announced as a competitor. The current war involving Palestine and Israel caused many fans to be outraged at this inclusion of Israel, as Russia had been barred from competing in the contest from 2021 onwards for the attack on Ukraine. The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) made no comment on this inclusion and continued with the contest as normal. Over the Israel performance and flag parade, there was fake clapping played over the mass booing, as many videos from the arena showed. This ‘fake clapping system’ was not used when Martin Österdahl (Executive Supervisor of Eurovision) was consulted for the votes, and the entire arena could be head booing in the background, considering all the mess this year’s Eurovision was.

The second major controversy came after the second semi-final, in which Joost Klein, the Netherlands entrant was disqualified less than 24 hours before the final. Joost reportedly made ‘unlawful threats’ towards a female photographer, who was filming him as he walked back to the green room. Not much is known except for the repercussions, which included this disqualification. The EBU’s statement was that the Swedish police were investigating a complaint, and it would not be appropriate for him to continue performing in the contest. The Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS also made a statement, effectively saying that Joost made a threatening movement towards the camera, and that they thought the punishment was disproportionate.

A final piece of controversy came from the fact that a fan with a non-binary flag was kicked out of the arena. The EBU imposed rules on which flags you could bring into the arena after the Joost incident, and these included the rainbow flag, progress flag and all flags of the participating countries. This rule was meant to stop any EU and Joost flags from entering the arena, as the EBU was trying to forget the Joost incident. This excluded any LGBTQ+ flags including the non-binary flag, which a fan was kicked out for. Nemo then walked in the flag parade with their own non-binary flag, that in the winners’ conference later, they said that they had to smuggle in.

All in all, this years Eurovision proved to be very controversial, and many called for the boycotting of the contest and the removal of Martin Österdahl from his position, along with the rest of his team.

By Alice


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