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Uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our College and setting an appropriate tone. It signals very clearly that students have come to learn and to be part of the College community. The way in which students wear their uniform is one way in which the local community makes judgements about the College. The College has a clear policy on uniform and we ask you and your parents to give it your full support. This avoids having to spend valuable time reminding you about details or involving parents in unnecessary expense by buying items which are unacceptable. The way in which our uniform is worn is equally important. Shirts must be tucked in, top buttons done up and ties worn at an appropriate length.

School Uniform List  

Items marked with * are available from Stevensons, our recognised uniform supplier. Use their online store only. Blazers, ties, skirts and all PE tops must be purchased from Stevensons. All items purchased from Stevensons are compatible to our policy requirements.  

You must wear:

*Blazer - MRC blazer with embroidered badge

Shirt/ blouse - white, short or long sleeved, loose fitting, appropriately buttoned with no visible garments underneath

*College tie – clip-on, only required to be worn with a shirt

*MRC jumper

*Skirt – knee length, blue checked school skirt
*Trousers - black, full length, formal school trousers. Trousers made from material such as stretch, heavy cotton, black denim, jersey, linen, etc. are not acceptable. Skintight trousers are not permitted.
Our preferred styles are available at Stevensons or
*Black tailored shorts, knee length, these must not be chino style or have patch pockets. Our preferred style available at Stevensons. These can be worn all year round.

Belt – if required must be black, formal, plain in design with a plain buckle

Shoes - plain, black, leather, flat formal school shoes. Trainers/canvas footwear are not permitted to be worn in place of formal shoes

Socks - plain black ankle length socks or plain black opaque tights


  • *Navy & white College short sleeved sports shirt
  • *Navy & white long sleeved College reversible rugby top
  • *Navy shorts (girls may also wear Navy skorts)
  • *Navy & white socks
  • *Navy & white tracksuit (optional)
  • *Navy sports leggings (any leggings must be a sports spandex/lycra fabric, cotton leggings are not permitted)
  •  Sports trainers (no casual, street-style, canvas footwear)
  •  Equipment throughout the year to include football boots, shin pads, gum shield

For sportswear purchased with logos on, the logo must not exceed approx. 5cm x 5cm, no stripes, patterns or other colours are permitted on items of sports clothing. Hoodies/hooded tops are not permitted in College including sportswear. Any outdoor garments should be plain in colour (navy) and style.

*Item available from  Stevensons. All items purchased from Stevensons are compatible to our policy requirements

Purchasing uniform from Stevenson

Midhurst Rother College, Midhurst Uniform List 2024

View full Midhurst Rother College Uniform Policy


Make up/ Nail Varnish

 Nail varnish and acrylic nails are not permitted. If make-up and/or nail varnish is visible, students will be asked to remove it and an   appropriate sanction will be given. Acrylic nails must be removed.


Body art/ Piercings

 Henna tattoos, or any other form of body art and body piercing, is not permitted in College.



Hair bands and clips must be black or brown. Long hair must be tied back for Physical Education, Science and Design
& Technology. All hairstyles should be appropriate for a formal setting. Hair must be blended gradually throughout any changes in length of hairstyle, and therefore is not extreme in any part of its cut or length/s of hair (examples below). All hair colours must be of a shade that occurs naturally. Dip dyed hair, vibrant coloured hair and bleached hair is not permitted. No shaved lines or patterns are to be cut into the style. If you are unsure please contact the Assistant Principal for Behaviour before arranging a cut.


Only one pair of gold or silver plain stud earrings and a watch may be worn. We will only accept one piercing to be in the lobe of each      ear.  No other piercings or retainers on the ear or face, or anywhere else, are permitted. Students will not be permitted to attend College with a retainer or a plaster over any unhealed piercing. Claiming that any piercing has not healed will not be regarded as an acceptable excuse for wearing jewellery.  No other items of jewellery are allowed.

Ensuring Compliance

Prior/during/after College

•     Students are expected to wear correct uniform on journeys to and from College and throughout the College day.

•     On entry to College, uniform will be checked by duty staff. PE kit is not to be worn directly to College – only in particular events will this be given permission

•     Where incorrect items are being worn, students will be asked to go home to remedy the breach  if this is possible.

Alternatively, a uniform change will be made by an item being loaned from College stock.

•     All staff will check, challenge and correct uniform throughout the College day by confiscating items not part of policy

•     Students are to leave College in their uniform (there may be some occasions when PE kit is worn after a sports club/fixture)

•     On leaving College at the end of a day, uniform will be checked by duty staff. Students leaving from a Period 6 sports club will leave in their College PE kit


   Uniform santions

•     Students will be challenged by staff for incorrect items of uniform and items will be confiscated (or alternatives offered)

•     Items confiscated will be available for students to collect from Student Reception at the end of the day

•     Should a student refuse the request to change their uniform into an item being loaned from College stock, or refuse to remove any make-up, acrylic nails or Jewellery, this will be addressed as defiance and students will be internally isolated

•     Ongoing and unresolved uniform policy infringement will lead to a meeting between the relevant year group

Assistant Principal, the Uniform Manager and parents/carers to resolve the problem

•     For persistent, unresolved, or extreme uniform policy infringement, students will be internally excluded (C4 sanction)


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