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Behaviour and Rewards Systems Update 2017

At MRC praise and rewards are central to our ethos of ‘Success, Happiness, Achieve’, that the students chose as their College motto. Rewarding students for positive actions and behaviours is, we believe, the most proactive and positive way to motivate students to achieve and engage in their learning. Using a new online rewards system called Epraise allows us to reward students for positive attitude to learning, excellent classwork and a number of other achievements, very quickly and visually for the students. Students told us through House council that they wanted an easier to use, more visual and higher profile reward system, which is certainly what Epraise allows us to do. Students can be rewarded immediately in class and have their accounts updated ‘live’ by the system, meaning all teachers, including their tutors, are able to see their successes every day and they can be displayed in lessons and across the college. This system also supports the House system in the college and students are able to track their achievements against other students but also in house groups. Epraise is very simple to use and students can also download an APP to follow their successes to, found here; Epraise APP.

Students also told us that they would like to be able to ‘spend’ their achievements points at any time throughout the year, based on the number of points they have achieved. Again, Epraise allows us to be led by the students as they have decided what is in the rewards shop, meaning the whole process is student led and driven and that students are able to visit the Epraise shop at any time to purchase items they select, using the achievement points they have gained. This system allows students to reward themselves throughout the year on a regular basis or to save and collect more points to purchase more costly items.

We have a behaviour for learning system that supports the teachers’ delivery of outstanding lessons. With regard to students, it focuses on three main areas: students must arrive on time, produce their very best work and not disrupt others.

This system allows one warning to be given to a student, in any given lesson, with the student then being removed from the class on the second warning and isolated until the corresponding time the next day. During isolation work is provided to the students.

The SENDCO and his/her team have a key role to play in ensuring that expectations are understood by all SEND students and that intervention, support and isolation is tailored to address the needs of these students where it may be suitable to do so.

We know that rewarding good behaviour, work and effort promotes positivity and better learning. Students are regularly given rewards for the above which is celebrated in weekly assemblies and with prizes given out at the end of each half term.

We now use an online reward system called Epraise that is designed to be easy to use, immediate and visual for the students, its available as an APP for students to download also. Epraise can be open for all to see in lessons and allows teachers to add achievement points immediately onto the students profile, meaning that the system is live for all to see and for tutors also to track.

Students will be able to purchase items from the reward shop, using their achievement points, at any time they choose to and students will also have the say on what is stocked in the reward shop. This system allows students to reward themselves throughout the year or to save and collect more points to purchase more costly items.

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